Travel plan

The plan might change everyday day, but I will share my current thoughts with you 🙂

I will start from home: Haarlem, Netherlands. My friend Janneke is biking with me to the border ❤

from there I’m on my own…. tumtumtumtum *exciting music playing in the background here*

So up next in this episode of ‘where the hell is this girl going’:

– Geneve (SW), visiting CERN (Large Hadron Collider)

– Venice (IT)

– Slovenia , Postonja caves looking for speleobiology creatures!

– Croatia, plitvice lakes national parc 🙂

– Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria , Greece,

– Turkey (georgia, armenia?), Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Pakistan, India

(fuck, those are a lot of borders to cross… should think about bringing a borderaddiciton-antidote.. well, when i’m done with all those borders i could bike the rest of my life through China. But no! Gotta keep moving.. if Kermit can do it..)

– Nepal!! And on to Indonesia 😀
Then Argentina and back up again. We’ll see, the world has so much to offer!

Please spam me with advise, thoughts and recommendations 🙂



The answer is quite simple actually: I just couldn’t help myself! 😀 The all-known travel itch was getting worse and worse, I was scratching like crazy!

Hello everybody, my name is Tamar, and I’m an addict. Addicted to make my life something that’s interesting to experience 😉 Addicted to getting out of my comfort zone, to experience, learn, grow and enjoy life to the max.

So back home, I had this amazing job, did lots of cool activities (skydiving, kitesurfing, racing my motorcycle, rock climbing, mountainbiking etc.), played the saxophone (alto and bariton), spent time going to concerts, lectures (about philosophy, astronomy, quantum physics, history etc.), but still… i couldn’t get the itch to stop! Every first of January I used up all my vacation days to travel somewhere interesting, but I found it harder and harder to go back to ‘normal life’ and decided it was time to start a new ‘normal life’! A life on the road!

With… yes, we all dream of it now and then.. FREEDOM!

No mortgage, no rent, no material stuff you don’t really need, no job and no goal. At least, no destination. The goal is to have no destination. Free to change the plans anytime.

I’m finding out what it is in life that makes me smile 😀

And one of the ways to do that is trying to find out what it is that makes other people smile. So, please inspire me 🙂 Put on your pink glasses and share your positive thoughts! Everybody who knows Peter Pan: happy thoughts make you flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀

Welcome!! to the start of everything..

Dear reader,

Welcome to my travel blog!

It is march 2015 and my next adventure will start in the Netherlands, going by mountainbike towards Asia and probably further on around the world. Lots of adventures and new experiences awaiting me along the way. Curious to read and see what happens? Let’s keep in touch 😉

As a 21th century traveller one has to have a blog :p ok so it is mostly my own diary, to prevent myself from forgetting.. But im an open book and you are most welcome to read along!

Please feel free to comment, ask, and reply! I’m looking forward to it 🙂